Fusio Dose: The treatment line that does wonders in minutes!

25 May

Summer’s here and it’s cocktail season ladies! Even if you don’t have time to hit up a patio, you can ask our Kérastase specialist about the best cocktail treatment for your hair! As usual, the brilliant minds at Kérastase have swooped in to save the day with a new treatment program called Fusio Dose. Just in time for summer!

This is how it works…

Our Kérastase specialist will diagnose the primary and secondary needs of your hair. First, the specialist will determine which of the four bases will work for you. Meet the four bases:

  1. Concentré Pixelist aka The Pink Bottle: Boosts the radiance of the hair and serves as a color protector.
  2. Concentré Oléo-Fusion aka The Orange Bottle: Provides instant nourishment, softness, shine, and banishes tangles.
  3. Concentré Vita-Ciment aka The Green Bottle: Instant reinforcement to strengthen damaged hair.
  4. Concentré Substantif aka The Purple Bottle: Immediate densifying for fine hair.


Then it’s on to the boosters. These are the shots…time to cocktail!

  1. Booster Polyphénols aka Pink Booster for Color-Treated Hair: Maximum shine, plus antioxidants to protect color-treated hair.
  2. Booster Ionium aka Orange Booster for Dry Hair: Deep nutrition and protection against dryness for smooth and shiny tresses.
  3. Booster Céramide aka Green Booster for Weakened Hair: Reinforces the hair fiber for strength and reconstructs hair from the inside out.
  4. Booster Oméga aka Purple Booster for Fine Hair: Complete hair replenishment and protection for substance, vitality, and improved elasticity.

We can mix and match bases and boosters for the ultimate in customization. The base is a formula comprised of pure active ingredients and patented technologies. It is sold in professional concentrations and gives you immediate, in-depth results. The booster is a precise micro-diffusion that targets your needs and penetrates deeply. The hair fiber is not only treated, but transformed. These high tech combinations are applied to the hair during your appointment at THE Salon, worked through your locks, allowed to sit for a few minutes, and then rinsed. That’s it! You will notice seriously healthier hair immediately. As an added bonus, it’s perfect for those of us who are constantly on the go because it allows your stylist to simultaneously treat several hair concerns.

Even celebs are flocking to their favorite hair stylists for this innovative treatment. Kérastase fanatic, Blake Lively, was one of the first in line to try Fusio Dose at a NYC salon. It’s no wonder. Ladies always have in-depth skin care routines, why not do the same with the hair?

So take a break from your busy schedule and let’s have some fun at THE Salon Beauty Bar. Shots! Shots! Shots! Hair treatments just became the most coveted cocktail at THE Bar!


Written by Angela Tang

Angela Tang

Angela, is the owner of THE Salon Beauty Bar Vancouver. Her salon provides pedicure, manicure, waxing, hair removal, hair salon, skin facial, and makeup services. This blog is designed to share her knowledge through makeup how to’s, video tutorials, skin care tips, fashion trends and much more!

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